Ceiling Repair and Replacement

At KS Maintenance, we coordinate grid repair, tile replacement, and everywhere in between when it comes to your drop-ceiling tiles or acoustical ceiling needs. We deliver certified technicians prescreened and highly trained for a variety of ceiling repair and replacement projects across the nation.

KS Maintenance’s team understands that the noise-reduction benefit of an acoustical ceiling is very important for commercial facilities. There is a variety of reasons certain types of ceilings may need work — perhaps you have an acoustical issue or maybe your drop-ceiling tiles have become damaged. Regardless of the ceiling issue, it is imperative to have an expert evaluate the root cause before performing patching or replacing of tiles. Through superior service, we ensure your ceiling repair or replacement is correctly completed in a timely manner.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations. Contact KS Maintenance at for more information about ceiling repair and replacement services.